"A body at rest, stays at rest, while a body in motion, stays in motion"


KINETIC Health And Performance believes in the power of motion, and was created with that in mind.


KINETIC’s staff are highly specialized and qualified for any clientele - holding advanced degrees and certifications in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, and Myofascial Release. All services provided are backed by science and research, and never stop improving through continuing education.






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" We were impressed with Kyle's gentle manner and patience, especially with people over twice his age. At the time we met, Bill was still able to walk. However, Parkinson's Disease continued to affect his strength and balance. We started having Kyle meet with Bill a couple of times a week, and I could see that he was responding to Kyle's individualized training.

We could not ask for a better Personal Trainer. Kyle has given Bill confidence to do things we thought he had lost the ability for. Kyle is a "people person", is trustworthy and punctual. You won't find anyone more knowledgeable and kind."

Bill & Jeanne K.