Massage Therapy is no longer limited to luxurious spas. 

  • Although promoting general well-being and relaxation are still great benefits of massage, there are numerous other applications for massage therapy.

  • The manipulation of soft tissue can be used in more localized areas to help create windows for better movement capacity, improve muscular dysfunctions, improve posture, and reduce muscle tension and pain. Multiple types of massage are utilized and offered at Kinetic.






Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage therapy.  It involves softer, longer, kneading type strokes designed to target the more superficial layer of muscles.  Promoting general well being and relaxation tend to be the most sought after effects, but you can also expect improvements in blood flow, circulation, and  oxygenation of the blood.




Deep Tissue massage therapy is mainly used for relieving chronic pain and stiffness in many common areas of concern.  It involves using firm, slow, and sustained pressure targeted to deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.  The breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions results in reduced muscle tension and improved blood flow.


*Deep tissue work may result in soreness the following day - this is entirely normal!





Sports massage therapy is a great option for every type of athlete.  Exactly what makes sports massage different depends on your goals and sport of choice. We use a variety of approaches designed around where you are in your training or season - before, to promote mobility and better movement capacity - during, to help reduce the strain of repetitive movements - after, to aid in recovery and accelerate healing of minor muscle strains. Whether you are elite, average, or just getting started, sports massage can be a great addition to your success.