Having your own Personal Training or Strength and Conditioning Coach comes with a great deal of benefits

  • Education: Working with a good coach should not only give you a great workout, but also give you a greater understanding of the ins-and-outs of fitness, and tools that can be applied for a lifetime of health.

  • Motivation and Accountability: Sticking to an exercise plan on your own can be difficult, and we all know excuses are easy to come by.  Working along side a passionate coach to encourage you and keep you organized, coupled with an established time and financial commitment, may be all you need to keep it going!

  • Results: This seems like a no brainer, but have you ever stuck to a random routine only to see minimal to no improvements? So then you might try a different one, and begin this trial and error process.  Well, a good coach KNOWS what works, and will personalize a program just for YOU so all the hard work you put in will pay off. We would love to help you reach your goals, and look forward to seeing you at KINETIC!






General Training is designed to benefit all types of clientele. Perfect for those relatively new to fitness or with common goals like losing weight, getting toned, gaining strength, and improving quality of life.  However, this can also be an effective option for athletes in season, or others looking to maintain over a certain stretch of time. Through years of experience in general and sports specific training - our trainers can deliver a personalized program in a safe, effective, and efficient way based on your current level of fitness and goals.

What to typically expect:

- Focus on key compound movements

- Full Body Splits

- General Movement Practice

- 1-3 sessions per week

- Approx. 60 minute session length




Elite Training is designed specifically for those looking to take their training to the next level. Not recommended for beginners. This type of training utilizes advanced scientific methods, and is usually done for a pre determined duration of weeks to increase explosiveness, power, speed, and overall athleticism. Perfect for athletes looking to make some serious improvements during their offseason, and peak at the right time.

What to typically expect:

- Pre and post program testing

- Triphasic Strength Training

- Lower body / Upper body Splits

- Top Speed and Acceleration mechanics

- Advanced Plyometric Progression

- 1-4 sessions per week

- Approx. 60-75 minute session length




Semi-private group sessions can work well for both General and Elite Training. We like to group 2-4 like minded individuals together to make for a fun and more interactive experience.  Having similar goals and fitness levels, along with some friendly competition at times, provides motivation and support from both coach and peers!



  • Athleticism

  • Power and Strength Gains

  • Functional Strength and Movement

  • Injury Prevention

  • Weight Loss

  • Longevity and Aging

  • Sport Specific

  • Post Rehab


All Exercise programs begin with a complementary movement screening.