Feeling your best and performing at an optimal level is not always easy. 

  • Minor injuries, aches and pains, over training, even just life in general can take a toll on your body, and sometimes you need a little help.  We offer a wide variety of time efficient services designed to help you always perform and feel your best.  Many of the available options work great either before or after a workout! Stop on in so we can discuss what would work best for you.

  • Functional Rehabilitation is more extensive, involves more forms of therapy, and is designed for post physical therapy patients or others limited by pain or injury.






Functional Rehab is designed to bridge the gap between physical therapy/rehab and return to play, training, or activity.  Often times after injury, patients are left to fend for themselves too early and without guidance. This can lead to re injury, some serious plateaus, chronic pain, fear avoidance, and many other hurdles - 80% is not 100%!

Using elements of sports therapy, manual therapy, corrective exercise, and strength and conditioning, we can guide our clients safely back to 100%.  Since functional rehab is based around biomechanics, it can also be used to improve on existing function in otherwise healthy individuals.  This means improving squat, deadlift, and other techniques in the gym, clearing up minor tweaks and discomfort from training or other repetitive activities, or simply creating more efficient movement.  So if you have an old injury holding you back, are currently recovering from injury, or just want to see an increase in performance and athleticism - functional rehab can help!


Who/What can Functional Rehab help?

  • Chronic low back, neck, shoulder, knee or other joint pain

  • Muscle strains

  • Repetitive use injuries 

  • Discomfort during training

  • Lifting technique and Performance 

  • Post Physical Therapy patients!